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  There is not a perfect fit for you, not a perfect relationship。 We do not fit, we do not perfect, we need to have to pay both sides, and some sacrifice, to create each other。


  You when I was a kite, or to let me go, or else receive a good home, don't use a look see emotions and thoughts tied with me, let me heartache.


  We have been wandering through the woods, we have seen the blue and yellow pink flowers, everything, is still the same. What time will you come back, we'll get together with?


  Some lost is doomed, some fate is never a result of love a person does not necessarily have, have a person must be good to love her.


  Say goodbye to the arm, the more recent is the soul.


  Time will slowly precipitation, some people will be in your heart slowly fuzzy. Learn to let go, your happiness needs its own sake.


  Dear people, let me call you the last time, I have to go, although I have a lot of care, but I firmly believe that it is time for me to go. No, honey! Take care!


  After long do not ask, do not say everything。


  Despite being hurried to meet, to leave in a hurry, but the short journey of life we have eternal, I believe our friendship today is the best memory for tomorrow.


  Life is most regrettable, than, easily give up should not give up, stubbornly, insisted that should not adhere to.


  The infinite sky gradually far gradually, like all its constantly。


  High seas will separate us, not to me only to meet with you in the past, and meet you in the dream.


极速赛车APP下载  Last night, the moon is dim, I quietly send you away, then, the horizon had a small star with tears。


极速赛车APP下载  I can feel your pain, you have the helpless you can not say. But you make a no matter what you do, the more you do, the more I feel uncomfortable.


  I really love you, close my eyes, thinking that I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves。


  To know you is to be happy, to leave you is pain, in the absence of the days, to support me is to meet the joy of the deep hope.


  Fish bait, it is because the fish fell in love with the fisherman, it is willing to use life to Bo fisherman smile.

极速赛车APP下载  22、一段距离,一条银河,便隔开了两个世界。回忆已经把我们拉开的很长很长。长到天涯海角,纵使一辈子,依旧无法跨越!

极速赛车APP下载  A distance, a galaxy, separated from the two world. Memories have pulled us apart for a long, long. Long to the remotest corners of the globe, even a lifetime, still can not cross!


  Today laugh and break up with you, I wish I laughed to meet you。


  Neither turn back, why not forget? Since there is no reason, how to pledge today all kinds of? Water marks, tomorrow evening, no stranger.


  Parting tears of pure like pearls, we would like to each other.

极速赛车APP下载  26、离别生生撕扯着多年的友情,我们彼此深信时空的距离阻挡不了心的距离,可是遥远的祝福取代不了手拉手的互助。

  Parting unripe tear their many years of friendship, we can convince ourselves not the heart of the distance the distance of time and space barrier, but distant blessing replace not hand in hand cooperation.


  You go, drop the words, in my calm heart lake, with dazzling ripples, mysterious dreams.

极速赛车APP下载  28、白浪给你献花,阳光与你拥抱,海鸥与你话别,啊,生活的大海托着你青春的船只启航了。

极速赛车APP下载  Whitecaps give you flowers, sunshine and you hug, the seagulls say good-bye to you, ah, life big hajto with your youth ships set sail。

极速赛车APP下载  29、真的从你口中听到不再爱我,是如此地不知所措。你带走了我的一切,剩下的只是一个空空的壳和一颗破碎的心。

  Really hear from your mouth no longer love me, is so overwhelmed. You take everything I have, the rest is just an empty shell and a broken heart.


  Light turns the fleeting time, run the happy time, I can only seize the youth of the tail, remembering our memories, miss miss us, but the enemy.


  Form is emptiness., heart temple, emptiness is form; from the edge, wher极速赛车APP下载e the meter turn? Happy every day, enjoy every point of nature!


  Leave you, no matter how long, always hope for a moment, you appear in front of.


  Sometimes, love is also a kind of hurt。 Cruel people, choose to hurt other people, good people, choose to hurt themselves。


  Waved goodbye, sail, don't deal is the friendship that you throw of the cable, the invisible firmly lines in my heart.


  The snow outside the window, a cup of coffee, hold it cool, just know and think of you. How can I expect you to understand.


  Rain over the air, tired of the sad, I remember the fairy tale has been slowly melting.


  Love is a feeling, when this feeling has not in time, but I was still in force yourself, this is called responsibility! Break up is a kind of courage! When this kind of courage has not in, I still encourage their own, and this is the tragedy.


  Not every effort will have a harvest, but each time the harvest must be hard, this is an unfair irreversible proposition.


  Let the other person know is painful love don't let it go, let go out. If not, then it will be frozen in the deepest corner of my heart.


  If, not happy, if, not happy, then let go; if, do not give up, do not let go, then the pain.


  Some of the time, is to love quietly escape. Escape the figure, hide not open is a silent feelings.


  Maybe, God does not give me, no matter how closely my arms, still leak; to me, both in the past and how I miss will have.

极速赛车APP下载  43、世界上没有任何东西可以永恒。如果它流动,它就流走;如果它存着,它就干涸;如果它生长,它就慢慢凋零。

  Nothing in the world can be eternal。 If it flows, it will go; if it is kept, it will dry up; if it grows, it will slowly fade away。


  Come also in a hurry, go to also in a hurry, from the end of a thousand, looking forward to a reunion.

极速赛车APP下载  45、爱到分才显珍贵,很多人都不懂珍惜拥有。只到失去才看到,其实那最熟悉的才是最珍贵的。

  Love to points is only precious, a lot of people do not know how to cherish. o极速赛车APP下载nly to lose to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.


  When the tears flow down, just know, separate is another kind of understanding.


  Not be daymark Sishou, does not need to be made a solemn pledge of eternal love, just remember that moonlit night, as long as remember the hour, and the affectionate kiss.


  We are in a hurry to bid farewell to their distance, no language, no tears, only the eternal thoughts and blessings, in each other极速赛车APP下载's hearts a deep resonance.


  Since love, why not say that the export, some things lost, you can not come back.


  In perfect shore just staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears in the withered thorns breeds from a bud, it will experience a reincarnation of seven thunderstorms, and then bloom in the moist air.


  Some of the encounters between people is like a meteor, sudden spark of envy, but is being in love with you.

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